Creating a world where sensitivity is a superpower

“In my journey with Ana I gained more trust in myself and others, and became more open. She also helped me go down the rabbit hole to reach the source of my limiting beliefs and overcome them.”

Andreea Celmare

“Working with Ana has been a transformative experience. She is one of the most compassionate, kind and encouraging people I have worked with who can really help you go deeper into your needs, values, barriers and challenges and get the clarity you need to make progress towards a happier and more fulfilling life.”


“Ana has the ability of seeing the things you are struggling with, even if you cannot clearly define them. She supported me in identifying what was holding me back and from there building up the confidence, consistency, and focus I wanted.”

Ruxanda Bran

“By working with Ana I was able to solve problems in a deep way and possibilities that I could not see before opened up for me. I was fueled to get in alignment by getting clear on why I am here and what I bring to the world, aligning the actions in my business offerings, messaging, and life purpose. I got more results with less effort and energy!

Traci Refior

“Ana has a very nurturing, healing, heartfelt attitude. She supported me in balancing mind and heart, and feeling more centered. Now I see more opportunities and possibilities, and that is a great gift. Thank you, Ana!”

Melissa Holtz

“My life and career were transformed by our work together. When I started working with Ana, I was experiencing constant guilt and feeling “I don’t deserve”. Now I know I can turn things around for the better and take consistent action toward what I want to have and experience in my life.”

Cris T

“Working with Ana makes me feel like anything is possible. Compared to other people I worked with, I got to see results faster. She has a way of always asking the right questions, making you become more present in your own reality and understanding why you are there.”

Carmen Soare

What I can support you with:

  • Moving through personal or professional transitions and transforming your challenges into sustainable growth
  • Developing your self-leadership, by encompassing what you do, why you do it, and how you do it
  • Developing leadership skills: goal setting, delegation, decision making, communication, time and energy management, problem solving, relationship building
  • Coaching and mentoring leaders that want to create their own coaching business

How I do it:

  • Professional coaching (PCC), accredited by ICF, the leading global organization for coaches and coaching
  • Psychotherapy in psychodrama, using experiential methods, sociometry, role theory, and group dynamics
  • Integrating Somatic Experiencing® and Embodied Coaching, to create a connection with the entirety of yourself: thoughts, feelings, actions, spirit, and body
  • Coaching Mentoring and Supervision
  • Training and Group Workshops

I believe the only truth you need is inside of yourself. In your body, your bones, your heart, your gut. Each part of yourself contains all the wisdom you need to build the life you desire. I believe the reason of the struggle you are experiencing is just the disconnection from yourself. 

I am here to guide you back to yourself. To put together all the pieces that were disregarded so you can feel whole again.

By working together, you can:

  • Improve the way you relate to your emotions:  incorporate emotions into your thinking processes, make sense of their meaning, understand how they relate to each other and change over time, develop the ability to regulate your own emotions

  • Discover and connect to your WHY: what is the bigger meaning behind your choices and what you want to achieve

  • Develop self-awareness in combination with self-management: understand how you function and what you need, so you can subsequently take action to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be

What can I support you with?

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