Are you ready to get more out of life?

Asking Why? before How?

You tried over and over again to make changes in your life. You bought the books. You watched the videos and talks. You convinced yourself that the changes you were trying to stick to are what you should be doing because only then you will feel accepted, you will feel you are enough. No more! 

Explore the freedom of choosing your own path in life. Explore the tranquility of not having to fit on the insides of the box. Take your life back, because it’s yours to live!

Listen to your Truth

Your thoughts and emotions are a part of yourself. They are not to be ignored and pushed aside; everything exists for a reason. “Come on Ana, is there a reason why I need to be so freakishly afraid to make a decision right now?” YES, there is meaning right there. I am here to tell you that in the most challenging period of your life lies the key to accessing so much happiness and freedom you would not imagine. Remember, diamonds are created under pressure.

The experience

In our work together you can:

You are ready to start this journey if:

  • You are committed and ready to experience significant transformation
  • You have a sense of self responsibility and know you can create your own life
  • You believe your future can be different than your past
  • You feel there is more you could experience in your life
  • You’ve previously worked with a coach or therapist of some sort
  • You know you can’t put off this work anymore – there’s something inside you waiting to come alive
  • You don’t want someone else telling you what to do or how you should live your life, but rather you are devoted to finding your own path

How we work together:

We start with a complimentary call. I care deeply that you get the best-fit support for where you are in your life, right now. It is also important that the people who sign up to work together are right-fit clients for me. Each process begins with authentic connection and getting to know each other. With my support, you create a vision that inspires you and then start walking, step by step, towards it. 

Depending on your vision and goals we might work for a few months up to half a year. From there, we can continue with a reassessment of your goals and vision. After starting with weekly sessions in the first months, we might continue working every other week, as needed. Monthly rate is 340€ (including four one-hour sessions), with adjustable rate as sliding scale down to 240€ for developing countries with lower purchasing power.

Each session, you’ll walk away feeling more empowered, free and confident in the area where you were feeling stuck or overwhelmed. To support the transformation, we will build together an action plan that is 100% customized to who you are, where you are right now and where you want to arrive. We’ll set anchor points in the first session and review them consistently to evaluate your growth, transformation and progress.

Take the first step and book a call with me: