Moving towards the next level has never been easier

Become your (next) self

Without getting stuck or losing time and energy
A 2 hours masterclass on managing transitions
Aug 5th 2021, 7 PM GMT+3

With transformational coach and psychotherapist Ana-Maria Kică-Roşie

Ana has the ability of seeing the things you are struggling with, even if you cannot clearly define them. She supported me in identifying what was holding me back and from there building up the confidence, consistency, and focus I wanted.

Ruxanda B.

Ana’s kindness, empathy and care for her clients allow her to listen and understand beyond words. Even when I could not express my feelings, she was able to see and bring them to light.

Andreea C.

As much as we would life to stand still every once in a while, things are changing all the time. Life means going through numerous transitions throughout out lifetime. We may try to hold on to what was, but that leaves us stuck and hurting.

Do you feel stuck between the old and the new, between who you used to be and who you want to become?

Has there been a big change in your life recently, and you want to make the best of it?

Big changes can be: career change, moving to a new city, having a baby, getting married, …  Even the most desired shifts can come with a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Are you ready to explore a better way of moving forward?

‘Become your (next) self’ masterclass

Event schedule

Aug 5th 2021, 7 PM GMT+3

In this masterclass you will:

○ Get clarity on the difference between change and transition + why is this important

○ Learn about the three steps in the transition process 

○ Explore each step of transition

○ Get a better understanding on the current way of handling changes and discover better alternatives where needed

Hi, I’m Ana!

Your guide to transforming challenges into growth!

Professional Coach, psychotherapist and rule breaker. My belief is that we are all complete and capable to create the life we desire. The magic happens once we let go of what is holding us back and learn to connect to ourselves and trust our truth.

In the past years I worked with over one hundred people who elevated the way in which they live, work, do business, connect, create. My clients often start working with me because they are stuck and need support moving forward, but they continue working with me once they realize they are capable of creating a life beyond their dreams.

In the safe space Ana created, I felt at ease to share all my dreams, hopes and fears. Feeling fully accepted and seen is a transformational experience. I am impressed by how beautifully she managed to lead me into leading myself.

Corina N.

My life and career were transformed by our work together.  Ana created a safe space where I was able to express myself freely and used creative approaches that supported me to easily find answers within. My findings came from inside myself, and that made them powerful and meaningful.

Cris T.

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