The stories we tell ourselves

It is not only the big stories we tell ourselves that can wreak havoc on our lives in ways we are not aware of. But it is the small stories, the ways that we speak to ourselves about how our work and efforts “weren’t such a big deal”. It’s when we were the heroes, in battles that we actually led and won, but in the stories we tell ourselves we are portrayed like secondary actors that don’t even deserve a Grammy.

  • YOU got the promotion!
  • YOU built your business, as small or as big as it is!
  • YOU lost weight!
  • YOU meditated each day for a week!
  • YOU took a chance and risked everything for … [love, passion, the work of your soul]!
  • YOU showed up!

For all the things that you’ve done, you are a freaking superhero! Acknowledging these things only build up for more success. You want to do more of what feels good, right? If you work so hard for something and then belittle what you have done (“It’s not that good anyway”, “Should have done better”, “Yeah…but it’s not enough”), I got a feeling you aren’t very excited to keep on building in that direction. What for if it’s never good enough anyway?

My invitation: C E L E B R A T E yourself! Every small step is a decision and action that YOU took to move forward! And for that you are amazing!

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