Create Powerful Objectives

– an experiential workshop – 


With coach and psychotherapist
Ana-Maria Kică-Roşie


Creating Powerful Objectives” is an experiential workshop that will show you a way to prepare for change that is empowering and setting you up for success. I will show you steps and principles that will make your life easier and reaching your objectives will become a natural part of how you live.

What is a powerful objective?

It’s about getting clarity on what you really want and leaving out what is standing in your way. It’s about planning for the destination AND the journey. About honoring all parts of yourself and your life. It’s about enjoying every step along the way.

It’s about making it achievable!

This is not the average S.M.A.R.T. or “fake it till you make it” kind of workshop. It has a holistic approach, that encompasses all that you are. We will touch on the 3 pillars of reaching a goal:

  • Clarity of vision
  • Planning and starting
  • Following through

For the workshop you will receive a fillable workbook that you can use during our work together as well as after, each time you want to plan something new. It contains guiding questions based on the principles you will learn during the workshop. 

The workshop will be 3 hours, with one 15 minute break, and will take place online on Zoom. Offer yourself the gift of taking a pause from your day to day activities. It’s  a time for reflecting on WHAT you are doing, but also on the HOW. Afterwards you can return to your life with more clarity, focus and commitment.

Are you ready to explore a better way of reaching your goals?

In this workshop you will:

 Discover a holistic approach to going for what you want, one that takes into consideration who you are, your values, priorities, your context and all other aspects of your life

 Define your objective in a way that supports reaching it and doesn’t stress you out

 Receive support to understand and apply the principles of powerful objectives

 Learn how to transform the process of reaching your goals into an empowering practice 

 Identify your patterns in going after your goals and decide which ones are supporting you and which not

About me

Hi, I’m Ana! I am a Professional Certified Coach & Psychotherapist and I will be your guide to transforming challenges into growth.

My belief is that we are all complete and capable to create the life we desire. The magic happens once we let go of what is holding us back and learn to connect to ourselves and trust our truth.

In the past years I worked with over one hundred people who elevated the way in which they live, work, do business, connect, create. My clients often start working with me because they are stuck and need support moving forward, but they continue our work together once they realize they are capable of creating a life beyond their dreams.

Ana has the ability of seeing the things you are struggling with, even if you cannot clearly define them. She supported me in identifying what was holding me back and from there building up the confidence, consistency, and focus I wanted.

Ruxanda B.

Ana’s kindness, empathy and care for her clients allow her to listen and understand beyond words. Even when I could not express my feelings, she was able to see and bring them to light.

Andreea C.

Feedback from previous editions:

During the workshop "Create Powerful Objectives" Ana held, I realized some important things for me. The patterns I followed, which lead me to crisis in one field also were repeating in the other field. This is something to work on, but it is already good to clearly see.

So, I want to thank Ana for her work and for answering all the questions!

Prioritizing, planning, recognition and flexibility are key elements I will keep in mind everyday in the journey towards my goal.

Thanks Ana-Maria!

Ana, your workshop really helped me get clarity and understand my priorities a little better so I can make time to work on things that matter most to me.

I really appreciate your kindness, understanding and depth of knowledge to help guide people in their journeys.

Also thank you so much for answering all the questions in detail, that made the event very interactive and useful 🙂

Investment: €60

Early bird €45 / 50 USD / 222 RON

The space is limited to 10 participants per event.

Want to know when I will organize the next event?

You are receiving:

◦ a 3 hours experiential workshop (you will learn and do)

◦ a tool that you get to keep and use each time you set new objectives

live support to put into practice the powerful objectives principles

◦ an intimate gathering (max. 10 participants)

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