Inner Balance Program for Entrepreneurs

Create a business that doesn’t just LOOK GOOD, but also FEELS GOOD


Learn how to create a sustainable business by focusing on a sustainable YOU

Imagine this...

• It’s Monday morning, and your to-do list is longer than a than a giraffe’s neck. Overwhelmed? Not even a little. You start by prioritizing, break tasks down into manageable bites, turning each completed item into a mini-celebration. By lunchtime, you’re making headway and unlocked a special reward.

 It’s mid-afternoon, and you’re faced with a crucial business decision. Instead of spiraling into analysis paralysis, you tap into your strong mind-body connection. You listen to your gut (literally), weigh your options, and make a swift, confident choice. No stress, no second-guessing—just decisive action and a sense of relief.

• As the day winds down, you hit a creative block while brainstorming for a new project. Instead of banging your head against the desk, you take a break to move your body. Soon, you notice new ideas coming up and you’re flooded with creative solutions. You jot them down with a grin, feeling more freedom and joy in your work.

This isn’t a far-fetched dream. With a strong mind-body connection, you can handle business overwhelm, experience less stress, make decisions with ease, and enjoy more creativity and freedom in your entrepreneurial journey.

If you are...

  • Feeling like your business is keeping you hostage instead of setting you free?
  • Are you fantasising about stress free days and nights?
  • Curious about how to engage your creativity when your TO DO’s list is stalking you?
  • Yearning for a safe space to share the ups and downs of your journey? 

… welcome! You are in the right place!

I’ve created Inner Balance for Entrepreneurs with the purpose of supporting you to build the internal resources needed for a business that doesn’t just LOOK GOOD, but also FEELS GOOD.


This isn’t about the technicalities of building a business. We’re not diving into sales funnels, copywriting, business strategy, or any of that jazz. We’re focusing on YOU – the engine behind everything you create. As the saying goes: you get what you put in. If you invest stress, emotional pressure, and sacrifice your well-being, you’ll only get more of that as you grow.

My vision is a business environment built on collaboration, physical and mental health, creativity, and joy. That’s what you achieve when you learn to integrate your mind, emotions, and body into everything you do.

What is Inner Balance for Entrepreneurs:

It’s a 3 months program containing 6 bi-weekly group meetings, 3-hours each, with a max of 8 participants.  This is for you if you are a fresh entrepreneur (0-3 years) or a more seasoned one who’s made a decision to work and live in a more balanced way.

Psssst… Want to go all in and boost the results? You can also get 3 individual sessions with me wrapped up in a special offer. More on that below…

Here’s what you’ll gain inside Inner Balance for Entrepreneurs:

Stress Reduction: Say goodbye to those sleepless nights and hello to sleeping like a baby—who just landed a major contract!

Enhanced Resilience: Bounce back from setbacks faster than your morning espresso kicks in. Spilled coffee? No problem, you’ve got this!

Improved Decision-Making: Make decisions with the calm clarity of a zen master. Should we pivot or persevere? Consult your new inner alignment!

Emotional Regulation: Keep your cool when your best client says, “Can we have that yesterday?” No more meltdowns; just mellow, composed responses.

Increased Creativity: Clear the mental clutter and unleash your inner genius. Who knew that the solution to your next big pitch was inspired by a peaceful meditation session?

Better Relationships: Navigate networking with the grace of a social butterfly. No more awkward moments; just harmonious connection.

Physical Well-being: Feel like you’ve swapped your entrepreneur hustle for a spa retreat. Tension? What tension?

Mind-Body Connection: Integrate your mind and body so well, you’ll start wondering if you should add “Mindfulness Instructor” to your LinkedIn profile. Business challenges? Solved with a moment of quiet and a deep breath.

BONUS:  You get to define your own way of doing this, together with a group of fellow entrepreneurs.

We'll go step by step...

  1. Define the entrepreneur you want to become
  2. Create your own customised plan to move towards the vision
  3. Create momentum in your journey of implementing the habits that support you
  4. Learn how the Nervous System functions and how to create a balanced inner and outer experience
  5. Develop an ability to use your body as a guiding compass for navigating stress, making decisions, and enhancing your overall well-being
  6. A closed and safe group to share challenges, resources and grow together
  7. Group meditations, somatic practices and breathing exercises

Who is leading the way?

My name is Ana Kica-Rosie and I support people to build self-leadership by reconnecting to their body, emotions and intuition.

I combine my experience as a psychotherapist, certified coach and business professional to deliver experiences that are meaningful and relevant for today’s world. I am specialized in working with Highly Sensitive People and supporting them to turn what can be perceived as a weakness into a superpower.

My own story started from believing there is no other way than the full-on corporate hustle. Even though that story let to (what I considered at the time) a great career, I was feeling constantly unfulfilled, stressed and body’s opinion abut that lifestyle led to an autoimmune disorder. These days, I am enoying a life and business where I get to experience ease and freedom while creating impactful work.

You can take a look at my (long) list of credentials here.


Your investments starts with your full presence for 3 hours every 2 weeks, along with a dash of energy and a sprinkle of enthusiasm!

How do you get on board?

Every applicant will have a ~30 minute conversation with me, to discuss motivation and program suitability. The payment & enrollment will be done after the conversation.

Ready to turn the chaos of entrepreneurship into a balanced, zen-filled journey? Your business (and your sanity) will thank you!