Individual Support

This is right for you if:

  • You desire to work with a professional one-to-one and receive customized support
  • You are committed and ready to experience significant transformation
  • You have a sense of self responsibility and know you can create your own life
  • You believe your future can be different than your past
  • You feel there is more you could experience in your life
  • You’ve previously worked with a coach or therapist of some sort
  • You know you can’t put off this work anymore – there’s something inside you waiting to come alive
  • You don’t want someone else telling you what to do or how you should live your life, but rather you are devoted to finding your own path

Which program is best for you:

How we work together:

Each process begins with authentic connection and getting to know each other. We start with a complimentary call, without any expectations. I care deeply that you get the best-fit support for where you are in your life, right now. It is also important that the people who sign up to create this partnership with me are right-fit clients. 

With my support, you create a vision that inspires you and then start walking, step by step, towards it. Depending on your vision and goals we might work for a few months up to half a year. From there, we can continue with a reassessment of your goals and vision.

After starting with weekly sessions in the first months, we might continue working every other week, as needed. Each session, you’ll walk away feeling more empowered, free and confident in the area where you were feeling stuck or overwhelmed. To support the transformation, we will build together an action plan that is 100% customized to who you are, where you are right now and where you want to arrive. We’ll set anchor points in the first session and review them consistently to evaluate your growth, transformation and progress.

The start is to book a first call with me:

Success stories:

What to expect from our work together? In the last years, I facilitated the process in which people:

  1. Career and Purpose
    • Discovered their true calling and embraced a meaningful career path
    • Overcame years of procrastination and built the business of their dreams
    • Achieved a harmonious balance between family life, self-care, and an ambitious career
    • Successfully transitioned to a new job, managing stress and developing resilience
  2. Time and Energy Mastery
    • Improved time and energy management, leading to enhanced productivity and satisfaction
    • Experienced more relaxation and balance while achieving remarkable results
    • Created healthy habits rooted in deep personal transformation
  3. Relationships and Connection
    • Improved dynamics with colleagues, friends, and loved ones
    • Fostered authentic connections and a sense of belonging
    • Experienced a newfound appreciation and gratitude for life
  4. Personal Growth and Empowerment
    • Brought long-held dreams to life, eliminating sleepless nights
    • Transcended fear and anxiety, embracing ease and confidence in all aspects of life
    • Broke down self-limiting walls, accessing inner power, vitality, and strength
    • Developed resilience and navigated complex life decisions with clarity
  5. Mindset and Belief Transformation
    • Identified and overcame limiting beliefs, replacing them with empowering ones
    • Overcame feelings of “not enoughness” and cultivated self-confidence
    • Understood the journey ahead, mapped out actions, and conquered challenges
  6. Personal Well-being and Self-Expression
    • Managed challenging transitions, both personal and professional
    • Cultivated self-expression, goal formulation, and vision clarity
    • Connected with inner and outer resources, harnessing strengths for personal growth
  7. Transformational Tools and Support
    • Received customized action plans and held accountable for breaking down big goals
    • Gained clarity and made challenging life decisions
    • Let go of what no longer serves them, embracing personal empowerment

What is coaching: