are you a coach?

Being a coach is a continuous journey of self discovery and transformation

How I can support you improve your coaching skills:

  • integrate somatic work and embodiment

Embodied coaching is a process that creates a connection with the entirety of the client — thoughts, feelings, actions, spirit, and body. And in so doing, it creates access to an unparalleled depth of transformation.

  • integrate a trauma-informed approach in your coaching practice 

Trauma-informed means that we’re aware of the unique needs of people struggling with trauma. We’re equipped to recognize trauma symptoms, respond skillfully, and prevent retraumatization in our work.

  • integrate the ICF Core Competencies and prepare for the credentialing process

The ICF Core Competencies are: demonstrates ethical practice, embodies a coaching mindset, establishes and maintains agreements, cultivates trust & safety, maintains presence, listens actively, evokes awareness, facilitates client growth.

Business coaching

for starting up your own coaching business:

  • define your area of genius
  • business strategy
  • plan & accountability