About me

If I were to describe myself in a nutshell: raised as perfect corporate employee, rebelling after 13 years of work and started living unapologetically. Said goodbye to the management job, safe salary, great car and other benefits. Traded everything for peace of mind, authenticity and being true to myself. I wanted to birth my life’s mission and contribute to the wellbeing and happiness of those around me. Since then, I have supported dozens of people to create the life they desired and unravel their deepest dreams into actionable changes easy to implement.

I believe in coaching – and I coach – because I know firsthand how truly transformative it can be. I’m a licensed psychologist, transformational coach and psychotherapist in psychodrama, a dynamic method that facilitates insight, personal growth and integration on cognitive, emotional and behavioral levels.

I have a mixed background of corporate work and human development. Living in different worlds I learned how to apply my work as a psychologist and coach into the more rigid boundaries of the corporate world and seeing the value it brings and the shifts in team dynamics & performance. Fully immersing myself in this work was just a step away.

Behind the scenes

What is my North Star: contributing and making a difference, witnessing the amazing work of my clients and the progress they are making. Doing this meaningful work while nourishing my freedom and authenticity

What keeps me grounded: moving my body (through long walks, pilates, yoga, fitness, biking, roller skating, hiking…), connecting to nature, my close friends, cooking (eating!), meditation and breathwork

What keeps my fire burning: coffee, exploring (inner and outer), travelling, snowboarding, laughing, volunteering, love and intimacy. Also, from time to time a full tray of baked potatoes with lots of garlic.

Who inspires me: C.G. Jung, Irvin D. Yalom, Robert A. Johnson, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Kama my cat

Books that inspired me: https://anakica.com/books/



“Let’s play!”


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