My purpose

Creating spaces where people experience freedom by connecting to their innate power, through presence and radical acceptance

They say we can understand the slender threads of our lives only as we follow them and see where they take us.

I started my career in marketing research, a field where I used both my analytical and synthetic skills. I was drawn to the fast-paced environment, where I learned quickly and got many opportunities for career development. As years went by, my curiosity and ambition led me to branch out and create a unique set of abilities and skills. After nearly a decade of experience in various business areas, I started to take on more challenging roles, that were newly created in the organizations and which allowed me to refine my leadership skills.

In the background, I was drawn towards psychology. Got my second degree in this field, completed various courses in areas such as NLP, Jungian psychology and mindfulness, all leading to my training as a psychotherapist and coach.

As I started to implement my human development knowledge into the corporate world, I saw the value it brings and the shifts in team dynamics & performance. Fully immersing myself in this work was just a step away.

As I was going through this journey I could not envision where all these experiences will lead. Looking back, everything looks perfectly laid out so that I get to become the person I am today. By bringing to the table all my business experience together with a keen understanding of human transformation, I can support other people in turning personal and professional challenges into their next stepping stone and bringing to light their own purpose and meaning.


Other Courses: Using psychosomatic language in psychodrama, Therapy for clients with trauma, Group Dynamics Training (T-Group), Psychosexual development, Conference “Therapeutic and Organizational Applications of Psychodrama”, Psychodrama and psychopathology, Using psychodrama with abused children, Solution-focused therapy, Jungian psychology and analysis.

Giving back

When you collaborate with me, you’re not only benefiting from my services, but you’re also contributing to the causes I actively invest resources in:
  • The Humanitarian Coaching Network: as a leadership coach I support the wellbeing and growth of humanitarian and development staff serving the most vulnerable and marginalized populations of the world, particularly those in the most isolated and complex communities.

  • Ajungem Mari is a program that supports the long-term education of children and young people from placement centers and disadvantaged environments in Romania. Thoughout the years I worked with children and teenagers to support them with educational activities, coaching and fundraising. Also, part of my earnings are directed towards supporting this program.

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